Electric fencing systems work by generating electric pulses between two terminals and have been installed in thousands of sites worldwide. Electric fences are safe, they do not deliver lethal shocks, but will cause enough impact to prevent entry and raise alarms.

Electric Fence applications include:

  • Truck Storage
  • Car Yards and Storage
  • Warehouse and Distribution Centres
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Self-Storage Sites
  • Retail Sites
  • Residential Sites
  • Telecommunications, Electricity, Gas and Water Sites
  • Petrochemical Sites
  • Corrections Facilities and Defence
  • Airports and Harbours

Royal Eagle Security provides secure perimeter protection for our clients, to deter and detect anyone who attempts to break in or out.

To see if the security of your property could be improved with the installation of a secure electric fence, call us today on 1300 720 051 for an obligation-free consultation and quote.

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