Royal Eagle Security is an industry leader when it comes to physical access control solutions.

While most Businesses understand the importance of protecting their Intellectual property and data through the use of hierarchy and permission systems, our electronic Access Control systems work on a similar principle in the physical world.

Physical Access Control is designed to protect your business or organisation from staff or intruders entering restricted areas. The system keeps a log of valid and invalid entry requests and can provide live information identifying who is within the site or a particular area.

Access may be granted using the following methods:

  • Photo Identification access card (Produced by the access Control solution)
  • Credit card sized access cards
  • Access token in the form of a keyfob
  • Biometric formats such as finger print or retina scan
  • PIN codes

The systems may contain many pieces of information relevant to staff, contractors or visitors, including induction expiry dates, competency expiries, vehicle registration and insurance expiry dates.

It can also remove access and/or warn of impending expiry and provide valuable reports for the system administrator. Access Control Solutions are built using IT industry standard SQL databases and have the capability to provide many other mission-critical functions.


  • Visitor Management
  • Evacuation Management
  • Competency Management
  • Tag Boards (Live displays of who is within certain areas)
  • Time and Attendance
  • Fatigue Management

Access Control can be installed on Main entry points, comms rooms, hazardous areas, offices, keysafes, vehicle entry gates, drug safes, turnstiles, speedstiles, automatic doors or virtually any secured space.

Our close working partnerships with a variety of providers such as Gallagher, GE Challenger, Inner Range Concept and Intergiti provide us with the technology and training to deliver outstanding and innovative access control products.

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